Digital Marketing Consultant - Cebu, Philippines

Helping Small Businesses Grow Through Strategic Digital Marketing Campaigns

I am Ray Paulo, Digital Marketing Strategist of Cebu Web Solutions - a Digital Marketing Agency based in Cebu City, Philippines. I have been helping local and overseas Small Business Owners in crafting a Digital Marketing campaigns taliored-fit for their business.

The goal of a Digital Marketing campaign is to get constant flow of Leads and new Customers for their business. Therefore achieving a thriving business.


Process in creating a successful Digital Marketing campaign:

  1. Creating a Buyer Persona. We will determine who your target audience are including their demographics, psychographics, interests, behaviour, etc.
  2. Creating Valuable Content. Determine the common problems that your target audience are experiencing and provide helpful contents or solutions on your website to help them solve their problems. 
  3. Reaching Your Target Audience. Promote your valuable content using Facebook Ads to your target audience to get traffic to your website.
  4. Pitching your product/service. Offer your product/service to your target audience who have visited and read your content on your website.


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