Grow Your Business Through Strategic Digital Marketing Campaigns


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How to create a Digital Marketing stategy for your business

The best way to create a Digital Marketing strategy for your business is to understand:

  • who are your target customers
  • what are their common problems
  • what is their "Buyer's Journey"


Who are your target customers?

Understanding who are your target customers is very crucial in creating your Digital Marketing campaign. Once you understand who you are marketing to, align all your marketing materials including website contents and social media posts in offering value to your customers.

Create a Customer Avatar (you may call this as "Buyer's Profile") for each type or segment of your target customers. You may have multiple type of customers.


What are the common problems of your target customers?

It is important to know the common problems of your target customers so you can create valuable content that your target customers can relate to.

In this modern world of Digital Marketing, it's all about providing value first, the money comes next.


Understanding  "The Buyer's Journey"?

The Buyer's Journey are the stages that your customers take from the time they experience some symptoms their problem, looking for possible solutions and selecting a provider that they believe can solve their problem.

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Here are 3 stages of the Buyer's Journey:

  • Stage 1: Awareness - Your customer is experiencing a problem and looking for solutions online.
  • Stage 2: Consideration - Your customer has now list of solutions provider.
  • Stage 3: Decision - Your customer selects a provider or product that he/she thinks can solve his/her problem.


An effective Digital Marketing strategy will assist your target customers in every stage of the "Buyer's Journey". By providing valuable content from the Awareness Stage, there's a bigger chance that your business will be selected at the end.

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